It’s the most wonderful time of the year….to BUYCOTT.

Support an inclusive economy for L.A.

An inclusive economy is one that supports L.A.'s 50,000 street vendors, whose entrepreneurship contributes to our neighborhood economies and cultural landscape.

That’s why we invite you to #SupportLAStreetVendors this #SmallBusinessSaturday and throughout the holiday season.

Street vendors are small businesses, too.

Street vending is an iconic part of L.A. culture and a pathway to economic opportunity for the thousands of micro-entrepreneurs who sell food and goods on the sidewalks of L.A.

This holiday season, support L.A. street vendors. There’s no better time to vote with your dollar and support entrepreneurs that are building a more inclusive economy for Los Angeles.

Whether it’s catering for your holiday party, food to fuel your holiday errands, or a social media shout out for your neighborhood vendor, #SupportLAStreetVendors.

This #SmallBusinessSaturday, show us how you buycott: tag us and our partners ELACC, LURN and Public Counsel on social media and use the hashtag #SupportLAStreetVendors so we can reshare!

A handful of lucky winners will receive a “Know Your City” t-shirt as a thank you for helping to build an inclusive economy for our future city.

Now, let’s buycott.