The Los Angeles Food Policy Council is committed to upholding values of equity, diversity and inclusion at every level of our work. We define equity as fair outcomes and opportunities for all, achieved by assessing disparities and redressing them through targeted actions.* We believe that each individual has the inalienable right to health, economic opportunity, safety, and free expression regardless of their race, gender, identity, ability, class, age, sexual orientation, affiliation or background. In practice, we have established standards for equity, diversity and inclusivity within our organization and network spaces to ensure that every stakeholder feels empowered to engage, participate and contribute in a meaningful and dignified way. We are committed to building on these standards with our stakeholders, knowing that the work of advancing equity is ever evolving.

*Modified from Urban Strategies Council


How we work as an organization is a reflection of our values and our vision of Good Food for All. To guide our organizational practices, we adopted the following Good Food Ethics.


We focus on creating just conditions for the most disenfranchised communities. We are mindful of cultivating inclusive spaces, and are sensitive to the diverse cultural needs and lived experiences of community members. The perspectives of those most impacted by structural inequities (including but not limited to racism, classism, sexism, ableism, ageism, and homophobia) are uplifted and prioritized in our work.


We consider the impact of our actions on current and future generations by caring for our natural resources, realizing we are in relationship to all living beings.


We believe that people impacted by an unjust food system have the right to determine local and culturally-relevant food traditions and practices.


We understand health as a human right and a holistic state of wellbeing that includes dignity, power and opportunities to live a fully actualized life. We support comprehensive conditions for every member of the community to be healthy and well.


We practice self-awareness and self-inquiry with regards to our relationship to identity, privilege and power within the Good Food movement, and we seek to serve communities mindfully and honestly.


We respect the interconnectedness of all our efforts within the local food system. We believe there is a role for everyone in this movement. We act in good faith, mutual interest and reciprocity in our partnerships and our work.