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Los Angeles County is home to the largest population of food insecure people in the nation. Nearly 30 percent of low-income individuals in Los Angeles County struggle with food insecurity, not knowing where their next meal will come from. Over one million Los Angeles County residents participate in the CalFresh program, which represents only about 66 percent of people who are eligible for nutrition assistance.

CalFresh and Access to Healthy Food

LAFPC addresses food insecurity by ensuring that CalFresh recipients have ample opportunities to access healthy food with public assistance. In 2016, LAFPC’s Farmers Markets For All Working Group won a historic policy to require all farmers’ markets to accept CalFresh/EBT, moving the needle from 30% to 100% of farmers’ markets now accessible to low-income families. Through the Healthy Neighborhood Market Network program, we successfully piloted “veggie vouchers” at healthy corner stores, offering coupons purchase fresh produce at participating stores. Over one hundred low-income families collectively redeemed more than $38,000 worth of veggie vouchers in 2017.

Free or Reduced Cost Food Programs

LAFPC fights hunger by working to improve government food programs, such as the Summer Lunch Program for youth, school food, senior meals and other free food programs offered by the city and county. The Good Food Purchasing Program in Los Angeles currently touches over 11 million meals between the City of Los Angeles and Los Angeles Unified School District, driving public food programs toward improved nutrition and sourcing from ethical, sustainable and local suppliers. Our current efforts focus on fighting youth hunger “beyond the bell” at Los Angeles County parks Summer Lunch and Afterschool Snacks Program. Click to learn more about the Good Food Purchasing Policy and our work on Summer Lunches.