Food Waste

Over one million tons of food goes into LA’s landfills every year. Once in landfill, rotten food scraps emit methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Meanwhile, Los Angeles is home to the largest number of food insecure people in the country. Innovative policies and program can tackle this massive problem through the recovery of edible food or by turning food scraps into compost, energy or livestock feed.


The LAFPC Food Waste Prevention & Rescue Working Group promotes strategies for food waste prevention, food recovery and donation, and composting. Food rescue and composting can be done in a way that supports the high environment environmental, and workers, social and worker standards,  and replenishes the soil of our local urban farms. and soils. Along with our partners in the Don’t Waste LA Coalition, LAFPC was instrumental in developing the city’s firsta food recovery program as part of within recycLA - the City of Los Angeles ’newest waste collection program, and piloting food scrap drop offs at Farmers Markets. Click here for a full list of food scrap drop off sites. Since inception of recycLA in 2017, nearly 5 million pounds of fresh produce that would have gone to landfill was rescued and donated to food banks, shelters and pantries.

Working Group Chairs

Amy Hammes, Burbank Recycling Center

Julia Mande, LA Compost

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