Los Angeles is home to 1,300 small markets. Imagine if they all provided healthy food options?

Low-income neighborhoods and communities of color have 3x as many small markets than more affluent and white neighborhoods. On average, they also have half as many full-service grocery stores. Limited retail options mean residents in lower income areas have less options for a healthy diet.

The Healthy Neighborhood Market Network program empowers small business owners in low-income neighborhoods to bring good food to their communities.  By working with storeowners to champion healthy food access, our Healthy Neighborhood Market Network supports community vitality and economic development.  Storeowners receive training, guidance and upgrades to their stores, transforming them into beacons of healthy, affordable food. As a result, communities have more options for living a healthy life.

For learn more about the results of this nationally-recognized program, please read the overview below.

If your organization or agency seeks support with a healthy retailer program, our expert team now offers consulting services. For more information, please drop us a line here.

We work with stores across Los Angeles. Check out the map below of our current Healthy Neighborhood Market Network stores.


An overview:

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